An Ultimate PC Cleaner

Bitzcare is a faster troubleshooting tool that helps users find solutions to some common computer issues. That includes errors related to desktop icons, the task manager, web pages, unable to open task manager, slow internet connections, slow startup and slow PC. All these common PC problems will hence be easily solved with few clicks.

World’s Fastest System Optimization Tool

Bitzcare adopts world’s best technology. It optimizes PC's performance, defrags disks and the Windows registry, and manages the startup process as well as services.

  • Your computer’s hard disk drive and registry will become cluttered. Bitzcare can defrag the drive and registry to make them organized, making your computer run faster and more stable.
  • Many programs runs in the background when you start up your computer. Bitzcare helps you disable unneeded programs that consume your precious system resources and improves PC startup speed.

Your Computer Privacy Protector

Bitzcare protects your computer privacy from hackers.

  • Privacy erases all traces of any computer operation like browsing history and accessed files, so any computer operation you do stays confidential.
  • Disk Optimizer prevents deleted data from being retrieved by third parties.
  • File Shredder can delete files thoroughly so that they can never be recovered.

A Powerful System and Hardware Monitoring tool

  • System Monitor gives users a clear and neat list of all the processes run by user and system, users can shut down any process they don’t need to make the PC run more smoothly.
  • System Overview offers users both brief and detailed information of all the crucial hardware components, letting users know about their PC at a glance.

Why Choose Bitzcare Security 5.0?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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